Skype Recorder

Skype Recorder Version 3.0 Free trial

Record all your Skype calls without any drop in the audio quality

Skype has quickly established itself as the go-to option for internet based voice calls with millions of users using it every day to make calls to their loved ones, friends and relatives at very minimal costs compared to the traditional way to calling. If you are looking for a software to record your Skype calls as you speak, you won’t go wrong with Skype recorder. This software is capable of recording your Skype calls on both sides of the call without any kind of distortion so that you are able to reproduce the audio exactly in the way that you had spoken.

Even Skype recommends this software as their default recoding application. Hence, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about its credibility. There is a stealth mode option in the software which is capable of supporting Skype parental controls and it can prove to be quite helpful if you are going to attend an interview via Skype. It can also record video calls and packs in multi-language support so that you can use it in your native language. The Skype recorder is available for Windows operating system as a freeware which only gives about 10 minutes worth of recording. For unlimited recording, you need to pay money and buy the full version.
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